Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twinkies So Good, You'll be Flipping

Being upside down is a good thing... Truly it's not so bad. I would know since last year I found myself wriggled into Restaurant Depot's freezer; attempting to free a dozen pie crusts from the freezer's deep un-kept clutches. 
This post is about not judging.
Not judging flailing legs sticking out of freezers, and not judging upside down twinkies.

Bless my soul as I bit my fingernails watching these little cakes bake. The tops weren't rising. I filled each mold with an extra spoonful of batter! Why weren't they rising?! I took my finished picture and sent it to Gale....
They weren't supposed to be rising. You flip them and use the molded part as the top.

And for those of you wondering,
'Future Problem Solver' did not come back in my ACT job options.

Chocolate Fudge Soccer Cakes
pg 42
Chocolate and Vanilla

The other night I was reading through Gale Gand and Rick Tramonto's cookbook, Tru. I always like to start with the Forward as I find the Forwards in cookbooks to be most heartwarming. I wasn't disappointed. I found myself smiling as I read truth in ink.
 "Gale has the ability to take old-fashioned desserts and make them new and fun. She approaches her work with a great sense of humor and playfulness." -Richard Melman.

Which was my inspiration for making these little chocolate cakes, twinkies, as my next recipe. They're absolutely astounding and nostalgic. Eating them is a trip back to childhood. I found that my family members found this to be true. Coming downstairs the next morning, I found my serving tray filled with nothing but crumbs.
The compliments ran through breakfast the next morning and into lunch.
These are truly remarkable.

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  1. AAAAHHHH ha ha I am officially the first. Sorry I'm not more famous, but then again we take what we can get. Congratulations on your fab new blog- I promise to read it. - Eliza