Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recipe 1: Indivisual Chocolate Pavlovas

Hey! My name is Jess and I'm the girl behind Livin' in the Kitchen.
I've been baking since the bulb of my Easy Bake broke when I was 7 years old. Nine years later, I work at Spiaggia in Chicago and intern for Pastry Chef Gale Gand.
I want to share with you the crazy, wacky stories of a teenage girl's life built in a kitchen.

So....let's get baking! 59 recipes to be exact.

We are bakin' through Gale's book, Chocolate and Vanilla. The first time I met Gale she was doing a cooking demo at our local bank. The first thing I ever saw her make was a Pavlova. Which is why I decided a Pavlova would be the perfect place to start!

Recipe 1:

Indivisual Chocolate Pavlovas
pg 64

These light meringues were made to resemble the tutu of a famous ballerina named Anna Pavlova. I still remember Gale talking about the Pavlova, about two years ago now, and how important it is to always put a kiwi on top to resemble the green costume she wore. Pavlovas are so delicious, and super simple. I've had the vanilla version and the chocolate version.... the chocolate wins every time!

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